Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Down to the Last Two Weeks of the Challenge...

I know it's been a while since I updated this.  The truth is, the changes have become my everyday lifestyle now, that it no longer was something "new" to me.  It's still just as exciting though.  When I walk into places and people comment on how nice I look in a dress that months ago was "too tight" or "unflattering".  When I try on a size I thought was mine, and it's too small, so I get to go down to the next one.  When I discover how awesome it is to look at myself in workout clothes and beam that my hard work is showing...and paying off. 
Yah, that's me.  Still working on wearing shorts but I think once this challenge is over I will start making them part of my workout attire :)

I'm really going to sit down and reflect with you more once the challenge is over, open up, be honest, and share with you EVERYTHING I have learned.  But I ask you, if you're one of the people on the fence about making a lifestyle change, please contact me.  Let me help YOU achieve the goals I am achieving, because I can tell you one thing...I am happy.  And healthy.  And truly loving myself AND life more now than ever before, I do NOT want to go back to my old ways.  Truth is it is work, and at times easy and others tough.  But I know what I want, and to go for it.  You can too...I believe in you.  I believed in myself and look how far I've come.
Before Challenge Began

Didn't lose my curves, just the fat :)

Confidence.  Determination. Success.

Will you Find Your Fit??

Work early, more to come later :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

One week away from 2 months into the Challenge


I know it's been a while since I blogged, but I've been getting used to this new lifestyle that it's become a part of who I am in an amazing way!  Working out has become something I look forward to, it helps relieve me after a stressful day instead of drinking and eating.  I make sure I change it up each day so it's not the same, which makes it more fun, and I make sure I get my 6 days in by planning a week in advance, thanks to my personal trainer Kristi.  She is amazing, if anyone locally is looking for someone to help them achieve fitness goals she is the one.  She is patient, determined to make me the best I can be, but strong enough to make sure I stay on track.   Check out her Facebook page:

This is a themed Bayside Challenge Workout from Halloween AND finding out fit through circuits and TRX.  I LOVE it, and it's free so you can try it too! Come out on a Saturday from 10:30-11am under the Ringling Bridge by the Gazebo and you'll see what I mean!
As far as eating, I'm doing SO much better with my portion control and choices of what I eat each day.  I've fallen in love with tofu,. it's packed with protein and super healthy when it's not coated in spices.  It's great in salads too!  I still have my wine, but extremely sparingly.  Or if I know I will have it, I will make sure I have a good workout or hour of cardio to help me burn those extra calories so I can enjoy my wine!

I'm still tempted by bad foods like pizza or a quick fast food treat.  But I remember that I am what I eat, and being about 15lbs healthier, more toned, and 3% down on body fat, I am not ready to regress.  I want to keep up my hard working toward Finding My Fit and continuing the fabulous feeling!

Questions?? Ask away, I'm here to help YOU achieve your goals too :)