Thursday, September 27, 2012

Finding My Fit: And still enjoying the foods I love

I think my portion control was much better. I did a little more measuring of things like protein that can be tricky to guess how much I'm consuming. Got in my bridge run with the girls and after, enjoyed my favorite food to order: sushi. 

To my surprise, when I looked on the menu I found low carb rolls wrapped in cucumbers with all my favorite stuff in it from salmon to tuna! 

I enjoyed edamame and a seafood salad too. And I'm still completely full hours after. Just goes to show that to live a healthy lifestyle you can still go out and enjoy a good meal without overdoing it. Taking leftovers too is OKAY, just means you're cutting back on the portions :)


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I feel good....nah-na-nah-na-nah-na-nah!!

I really feel good! Today I was so my killer full body workout in, meeting for a charity, shopping, house cleaning, laundry, cooking, wow!! And I didn't even need a nap....I think that's what impressed me the most! My body feels good aside from the typical soreness with working out, and I'm eating smaller portions, lots of veggies, and really making sure I stay on track and focused. I'm FAR from being near where I need to be, I still look in the mirror and cringe at what I see. Let's be honest, I love ME, I just don't love what I've let my body look like. That will all change...with patience, drive, dedication, and hard work. I'm going to take it to the top!

Had to share my "happy" meal of the week:  got a killer deal on crab legs at Publix, they are actually pretty healthy without all the butter and what not so added a cup each of brussel sprouts, mushrooms, and okra as my side and I'm full and content!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Changing my food portions....very hard!

I'm Sicilian, and I was raised on eating as much as I wanted until I was full.  I'm still used to making those big portions so that's something I'm struggling with right now.  So after some advice from Coach Tamara, I tried today to really focus on portion size and meal choices to make sure I'm getting what I need each day.

Breakfast is not hard at all to put together.  Usually that involves a TLS Chocolate protein shake mixed with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Then usually a 1/2 cup of nonfat greek yogurt...but I'm wondering if that's a protein overload so maybe I'll save that for my snack.  Then I can have the yogurt and a low GI veggie.  Tamara suggested eating the majority of my veggies in the morning and afternoon to make sure I get them all in and stay full during the day.

I've found veggies that I haven't enjoyed in a today, I took it upon myself to boil some corn on the cob.

Let's just say I felt like a happy kid at a BBQ today :)

Then since I had some free time was able to boil some more tasty veggies and bake a 2.5 oz. salmon filet in the oven with some portobello mushrooms. 

It was quite good, and notice the change in portion size....

Here are some tips I came up with to make sure I'm eating the right portions:
-Use my smaller serving plate, then I'm filling it less with food which cuts back on portions
-2-3oz of protein a meal is good (thanks Coach Ryan!) so I took a 7 oz. salmon filet and immediately after it was done baking, cut it into 3 and saved the other 2 for a later meal.  Then it's not on my plate tempting me to eat more.
-Use a thinner fork.  It actually made me eat smaller bites and slower, which in return let me feel full faster.  I think I was amazing most that just that small portion of fish was just enough to be satisfying.

Pretty proud of myself and thankful for good friends! Had Girls Night In tonight at a friends, and she totally supports me.

We made a healthy dinner in small portions...a yummy seasoned chicken breast, sweet potato with cinnamon, and fresh salad.

Drank glass after glass of water with a cucumber in it...

Instead of our traditional wine, we made fruit shakes with almond milk, kiwi, peanut butter, and a banana. I feel so great tonight and not hungry before bed!

I hope this helps you!  Anyone have any other good suggestions to make sure portion sizes are small and the right amount?? 


Monday, September 24, 2012

So I can't drink for another couple months...

But just wanted to share with you some inspiration that this challenge won't stop my from after work socializing with my co-workers at a local bar!  Water with lemon and fresh garden salad to keep me happy :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

And the workouts begin...

Talk about one of my busiest days yet! 6 hours of sleep was not enough, but my power breakfast was of egg whites and a TLS shake before Bayside Challenge. It's a group fitness workout by Sarasota Bay that is half TRX and half circuit training.

It was pretty intense for me after not working out the last week. But I was able to keep up and complete it. At the end on the last exercise I almost got sick from not drinking enough water, but I pushed myself to the finish line. I met 2 other women taking the Find Your Fit Challenge and we bonded. My goal is in my quest for success to help inspire other women who want to get fit also, so what better than other women who are on the same guidelines as me? I even took a shot at their weekly challenge which I fell during, and didn't place, but you know what, you need to fall and lose some battles in order to win the entire thing!

Ate pretty well today, but it's amazing how nice it is to be able to have some of my favorite foods back into my lifestyle. I got a little crabby today when I was on the go and tried to stop at a health foods store, Whole Foods, for dinner and they were closed. So I got creative and healthy at Publix, choosing a few things off my list and making a delisch dish!

Salmon Salad on the Go!

 For those on a budget AND craving some salmon AND with things on the okay list on the TLS Rapid Results plan.
Buy a small salad with veggies only from somewhere like Publix, then add 1/4 cup of fat free feta and 4oz packet of Bumblebee Salmon in the Pouch (in the water only).  Drizzle balasamic vinegar on top for a yummy salad around $5!  I bet you could use lemon juice too as a dressing.  When you eat it with chopsticks too, it slows down how much you consume at a time, letting you feel full faster...

Now I'm sleepy and trying to get through the last news segment (we went on late because of football!) But overall felt great, and accomplished today!

Later Gators :)

Detox is over...and so is week 1!!

Detox is over, hurray! I can't tell you how excited I was this morning to have some non-fat yogurt and peanut butter, or baked chicken at lunch, or sea scallops at dinner. 

Taking my homemade salsa and combining it with mushrooms and oh yes, finally, chicken!!!

I noticed something different though:  the taste of the food all around was SO much more flavorful!

 Trying to keep the doctor away :)
Really didn't need to add as many seasonings and what not.  A friend of mine came into town so we went out to dinner, I was very proud of myself for ordering my meal without the butter, broiled, water with lemon, and then took half of it home so I ate the right portion. 

 Barnacle Bills Seafood (one of the best seafood places locally by the way!!)

And the good thing was I actually felt full!  Going out afterwards was still tough, not having a drink with my friends and having only water with lemon.  The part that really got me when how some people would react to me not drinking or wanting to head home early to rest well for training tomorrow.  Some people would be all pushy for me to stay out and drink, while people who are actually my friends understood.  There were a few that were like "Awwww come on, just one more hour" or "That's lame"  .... and I say to that obviously you are not my friend because by doing that, you are not supporting me and the choices I make!  If I'm going to make a lifestyle change I'm going to change the people around me too for the better.  I only need friends who support my choices and are there to root me on, as I'd do the same for them.  Okay, bed now, up super early.

Sweet Dreams!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Detox: Final Day and Feeling Proud!

Okay, even though I'm fist pumping that I can add things like peanut butter, chicken, and seafood back into my diet, I really am proud of myself for getting through the entire detox process without cheating. 

 Another Option to Fill Your Lettuce Tacos:
Chop up and mix together in a bowl with lemon juice and seasonings to taste:
4 Sweet Mini Bell Peppers
2 cups Mushrooms
1 tomato 
Bake in oven on 400 for about 20, then serve on lettuce bed.  It's pretty bland at first if you don't add the right seasoning so get creative!  Maybe a mustard??

From drinks being offered for free to some of my favorite unhealthy meals surrounding me to the caffeine  withdrawals many mornings, I do have to say I'm thankful...because I feel SO much healthier!  My body just feels good, yes maybe a little bloated when I eat some of those fiber filled veggies, lol.  But I definitely am patting myself on the back for the willpower to say no to things not part of the detox, even though it would have been sooooo easy to cheat!  I learned several things this week. 

1. Fruits and veggies aren't really all that bad when you mix them up and pair them with little things like a dash of seasoning here and there.
2. Cooking and creativity makes any evening in the kitchen exciting.  Throw in some dancing and favorite tunes, and you have a Cooker's Delight :)
3. I am addicted to caffeine lol but I broke the habit for a week
4. You do NOT eat a plantain raw. 
5. Water actually is pretty good, and throw in some lemons, limes, or cucumbers and it feels like a refreshing treat
6. Putting together a healthy meal takes TIME.  Unless it's raw veggies, the prep time to bake, steam, boil veggies as well as chop them up can be tedious.  But in return, I've learned to become even better at time management, and as a result I'm eating much healthier.
7. Cooking extras for the next day the night before is a must.  It saves you time.  Actually deciding what you're having too makes it easier to just throw everything in a bag and go.
8. I am never, even baking brussel sprouts again. Steaming or boiling them is the only way to go!
9. Regularity is a bonus haha
10. Blogging is kind of fun, and if it inspires people it's even more satisfying.

Busy busy day tomorrow, however my meals are all packed up and ready to go so all I need to do in the AM is the supplements, breakfast, and bag it all up.  Oh, and did I mention I go to Rapid Results Power Food List tomorrow?/  You bet I'm having boneless chicken and my classic recipe of nonfat greek yogurt and a tablespoon of fresh peanut butter :)



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Detox Day 6: Still challenges...

One more day of detox!!!!  I'm really feeling better, more alert, focused, just in a good mood all around!  In a fashion show today, thankfully they had lots of water and veggies for the models so I was able to stay on track.  They did also have free wine...lots of it...and many of the others were offering me a glass, which I kindly had to turn down.  But I proudly explained why...and I think that made it all worth refusing to give in to the temptation.  Although I will not lie, there were AMAZING wraps and sandwiches there too that smelled and looked amazing, and as I scooped on my salad, I was a bit saddened inside.  It got a little tough too after when everyone went out for a cocktail and I sipped my water with lemon and raised it for cheers.  Again, it felt good explaining the challenge and detox but after about 30 minutes I had to go home.  It was SO TOUGH not to partake in the festivities.  I need more veggies so went to this AWESOME local farmer's produce market called Detwilers.  

I filled up my cart with LOTS of amazing fruits and veggies, also picking up some yummy non-fat Greek yogurt and fresh peanut butter once I get off detox. 
 I was shocked how much I spent: less than $40. 

And I have enough to fill my fridge now...not only is eating healthy helping my body but also my wallet!!  

I could spend $40 on 3 meals in one week only instead of days of different meals and snacks.  Win-win!!

When I got home, I had to crash.  But I got a good 2 hour nap in, woke up refreshed, and started a cooking party!  I made fresh salsa, baked some veggies, created a new asparagus dish by baking them in the oven, and took an unhealthy dish and enjoyed it fresh and better for me.  I'm talking about okra. 

I LOVE fried okra, oh my gosh I always order it as my side.  But today, I boiled and simmered it with some mushrooms and delicious!!  I've been full since dinner time too so this is nice :)

Lemon Drizzled Asparagus
-Asparagus, fresh, washed with hard ends cut off
-Fresh lemons
-your favorite seasonings to taste

Heat oven to 300. Put the asparagus in foil, sprinkle whatever seasonings make you happy a little bit over the asparagus, then squeeze fresh lemon over them, wrap and foil.  Bake for 20-30 minutes, check and fork to determine if ready.  YUMMMMYYY!!!

Back to work tomorrow so checking out emails and getting story ideas for tomorrow, getting ready for bed, and then busy day tomorrow!  I'm going to give myself some time in the AM to pack up my meals for the day.  I'm feeling great, bring on the final day of the challenge!!!!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Detox Day 5: Feeling Like A Whole New Woman!

I was able to sleep 8 hours last night and woke up feeling refreshed and happy.  I don't know what it was about today, but my body felt AMAZING.  I felt happy, content, just...healthy.  It's amazing how detox has really cleaned me out and, as they say, now that I'm over the hump the end of it shouldn't be that bad. 

I got a lot accomplished today and was really focused.  I did have one challenge, but felt very confident.  I needed a place to have a quick 45 minutes in between errands where I could sit outside and have a snack and my NutriClean Fiber Drink.  Here in Florida, Starbucks has an awesome outdoor sitting area, with the warm sunshine and fresh cool breeze off the Gulf in full motion.  So I made the most of the situation.

I ordered a Venti WATER and an banana.  It was SOOOOOO tempting to get coffee with that amazing aroma when you walk in and fabulous bakery choices on display, but I proudly told the cashier I was taking a challenge and on detox, and that's what I wanted!

Took a nap when I got home, very sleepy, but got back some energy to clean half the apartment, make dinner and do a load of laundry.

Mixed my fresh salsa tonight in with brussel sprouts and a dash of seasoning.  I am so full!!

Last but not least, a shower, phone date with a few friends, and putting the laundry away.  I still feel pretty awesome :)  Big day a HUGE charity fashion show!  Better get my veggie snacks ready haha


Monday, September 17, 2012

Detox Day 4: Refreshed...and Tired

I'm getting through detox week okay so far, today I woke up and I felt amazing!  Unfortunately working the evening shift and having to be back early the next day I only slept 6 hours, but I felt very good this morning while I got ready for work.  Made some awesome meals the night before, I think my fresh chopped salsa was a favorite part! 

Then I boiled some and dancing makes it not a chore at all!!

But right after my 5:30pm hit in the show, I grew extremely tired.  So I came home for the night, put on my PJs, a good movie and some shows, and am relaxing.  I realized something tonight....I really enjoyed the veggies in my dinner, I felt full and satisfied, and it was kind of relaxing chopping up veggies and creating new veggies.  I think one of my favorite parts with detox is creatively arranging my veggies for dinner.

I created a really cute looking plate for dinner, and had fun doing it :)

Got me thinking and distracted from craving things like pizza and fast food.  One more cup of water and then getting to bed at a decent hour so I can be at my 10am meeting.  I'm off though....woo hoo!!  Untili tomorrow, you stay classy Sarasota ;)


Meet The Team Behind Me!!

Here's a look at the AMAZING team I have sponsoring me for the competition!!!


Tamara Nazworth
Spring 2012 "Find Your Fit Challenge" Winner 
 The leader…the coach… the brains of the operation…and last but not least, a TLS Find Your Fit Spring 2012 Challenge winner… Tamara Nazworth brings knowledge and determination to the table as the leader of the Gar-following Team utilizing the TLS system. As a winner, Tamara has a passion to help others achieve their goals and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Kristi Schalch-Gutierrez
Certified Fitness Trainer 
 When it comes to getting fit, this girl knows her stuff!  Kristi Schalch-Gutierrez graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  Following her passion for Sports, Fitness Training, and Motivating others to become and to continue their journey to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Kristi completed her Personal Training Certification through IFPA and also became certified in Ignite Performance Training (formerly known as Combine360) and TRX.  Training has always been apart of her life as a young athlete and even more so as an Adult Athlete. She knows how important it is to train the body correctly so that your body can perform at its’ best when the best is needed to accomplish and meet certain goals! Helping others to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and sharing experiences and lessons learned along the way to help others reach their fitness and sports goals are all the reasons why Kristi became a Personal Trainer and motivator.  

Tim Schalch
ABC 7 insider and marketing Consultant Tim Schalch joined Team Garofalo for the Find Your Fit Challenge. Tim is also a former minor league baseball player and now personal trainer as he will help in the transformation of ABC 7 Meteorologist Meredith Garofalo. “Meredith is very active in the community. This challenge will not only help in her healthy lifestyle, but hopefully motivate inspire others in the community to do the same.” Tim will assist in the personal training with Kristi Schalch-Gutierrez as well as marketing to spread the word of Team Garofalo.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Detox Day 3: Feeling a little better about veggies :)


Yes I am up extremely late because I did the 11pm news, then had to come home and prepare my food for work tomorrow.  This will be the night I don't get the sleep I need simply because I have to be at work at 9am! 

Things not as tough ... NO caffeine withdrawl so cheers to that!  Ate very healthy today, from fruit in the morning to lots of veggies snacks throughout the day, took the taco wrap idea and today added yellow squash and mushrooms to the middle with the tomato mixture I made.

Used half of that mixture and the other half was my salad dressing for dinner

Pretty simple....mixed greens, tomato mixture, leftover mushrooms and squash from lunch

The hardest part of today for me was going into Publix and getting more fresh veggies.  I passed by my normal stop, the wrap place, and stared longingly for my favorite...turkey, cheese, veggies, oh yum!  Then I passed the sweet aroma of the bakery, turning my head toward the organic section.  It was tough leaving there with only veggies but I managed.  And for cheap....under $20 for LOTS of fun veggies to get creative with.

 Speaking of creative, my coach Tamara told me about making fresh salsa to add to things.  So this will be part of my lunch tomorrow....tasted it....just to make sure it was good ;) and it passed the test!

I'm pooped from being up early, to 2 shows at work, so off to catch the most sleep I can out of this situation.  Here's to a great start to the workweek...and the "Hump Day" of Detox :)


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Detox Day 2: Challenges All Around

I woke up feeling completely awful.  No, not really a hangover, just suffered this morning from caffeine withdrawal.  Felt almost as terrible as a really bad wine hangover, but after drinking lots of water and taking a few Tylenol, I was back on track.  Today really wasn't that bad, I got creative at lunch time and made lettuce "tacos" stuffed with avocado and mushroom, with a blender mix of tomatoes and a dash of garlic seasoning and balsamic vinegar. 


 Take fresh romaine lettuce as the shell, inside chopped up mushrooms and avocado, and then as a sauce, blended up cherry tomatoes, a splash of balsamic vinegar, and a little garlic seasoning.  They were FANTABULOUS and left me FULL!

At work, not so bad snacking on healthy stuff between shows and also hitting up the water cooler in studio as much as I can. 

The toughest part of my day was dinner.  It was my friend's birthday so we all went out to our favorite restaurant.  I had to watch bottles of wine and new types of martinis passed around the table while I patiently sipped on my water and lemon.  Then, ordering food was not fun, prying the waitress for every bit of info on the sides before settling for just raw and steamed veggies.  It was worse when our dinners came and there was lots of tasty treats from tuna to pasta to burgers.  But I was pretty proud, turning down bites of some of those mouthwatering dishes and enjoying my veggies with little bits of seasoning to spice things up.  The hardest part was people telling me, oh honey, you look great and not being as encouraging as other friends.  But I kept repeating in my head that I can do this, I will make these good choices and get through detox one day at a time.  Cheer to the freakin' DETOX weekend :)

On Day 2 of detox...and already inspiring someone to challenge himself to get fit!  That's my goal with this in addition to helping myself, SO happy Mike!  I'm here for encouragement too :)
via Facebook Message
Mike Cox
Hi Meredith! You're inspiring me with all the health stuff you're doing. After today (9 straight hours of work with no breaks) I plan on getting serious about losing weight. Way too many extra pounds on me.

Friday, September 14, 2012

DAY ONE: The Food


1 cup fresh fruit

Baby Carrots

1 cup fresh fruit
Broccoli and Mushroom mix

Yellow bell pepper

Fresh greens with lemon juice
1 Cup fresh fruit

Bell peppers

First Day of Challenge: Detox Starts

 Welcome to my blog during TLS Weight Loss Solution's Fall 2012 Find Your Fit Challenge.  Hard to believe it's officially started, but I am just as excited!!!!!

Let me catch you up to speed on what's going on right now.  For the next 7 days, I am in detox.  I am taking all-natural TLS products to cleanse while going on a strict diet.

The Rules:
-No grains or starches
-No fat (oils, butter, margarine)
-No Sugar or artificial sweeteners
-No alcohol, coffee, soda or other
caffeine-containing beverages
-No Junk food
-Vegetables (as many as you like)
-Fruit (three servings per day)
-Protein & Dairy (refrain from eating
protein dairy as long as possible. If
you must add protein, add a three ounces of
lean protein like tuna (canned in water or
fresh), salmon (canned in water or fresh),
chicken, turkey, tofu or plain soy milk
-Water (eight 8 fl. oz. glasses per day)
-Accelerators for Success: TLS
CORE, Isotonix Multivitamin,
Isotonix OPC-3, NutriClean 7-Day
Cleansing & Detoxification System

Sooooooo here's a first look of the first day:

 Hellloooooo fruits and veggies!

Accelerators for Success: TLS
CORE, Isotonix Multivitamin,
Isotonix OPC-3, NutriClean 7-Day
Cleansing & Detoxification System

 All grins...because I am PUMPED to win this challenge!!!

 One of the biggest challenges today was at work, out of ALL the days there's free pizza, pop, cookies and even my favorite chips.  I can tell you by the 6pm newscast I was getting a little irritable :)

A late night snack with lemon water...I'm pretty sleepy from today so relaxing before bed with a good movie.

I'm going to be completely honest, I thought this would be easy.  I thought I could eat fruits and veggies all day and be completely happy, but as you saw earlier, there were some BIG challenges.  Lots of my favorite food around that I just wanted to take a small bite of.  My friends drinking after work and enjoying some awesome free food at Friday Fest, a community event that my station sponsors so we had free good food and drinks there.  I was so tempted to cheat a little, but I'm doing this for a reason.  For myself.  For all the women out there who might have wanted to challenge themselves to accomplish amazing fitness results that need someone to look up to.  I'm going all the way, 110%, and I'm happy that I made it through the first day of detox.

Hope you continue to follow me along this journey.


Have a good night, I know I definitely will be :)