Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Getting stronger...and more inspirational!

It was my day off today, and I'm pretty happy that I don't need that afternoon nap to have energy to do things like I used to.  I'm getting my 3 meals in a day with the snacks in between, and really have cut my protein portion sizes down.  The best part is I'm still full thanks to the veggies and other things on my plate. 
2 oz salmon with sides of steamed mushrooms, radishes, okra, tomatoes, and brussel sprouts, all with a yummy few shakes of garlic and spices.

Plus with smaller portions I can have more than 1 protein with a meal, ex. I was able to have 1oz each of tuna, fat free cheddar, and egg whites with dinner, giving my a variety of tastes with the side of carrots and PB. 
Eating actually was fun with this, had lots of options :)

Plus I have more food for meals tomorrow by cutting things up in small portions, saving me not only money but prep time.  Had a great evening workout, and now trying to get sleepy so I can be up early for my workout.  Noticing some changes in my arms after not even 2 weeks of Kristi's training schedule.

Kristi runs killer boot camps, here's the amazing group of women that I got to workout with tonight.  #Unstoppable 

 I'm also starting to motivate people around me, whether it be friends or viewers. 
Just wanted to say that I'm loving reading your blog smile inspirational!

Awesome & inspiring insight & words, Thank You!
Yes, I know, but I am much older than you...I had more energy when I was your age! But you do make me want to do thank you !
Even if they just go to the gym or try a healthy recipe, I know I was able to help them and that to me makes this all even more worth it.  Hopefully as time passes over the next several months I'll be able to gain more support and in return, give them a positive example that they can all follow and be able to accomplish too!

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