Sunday, October 14, 2012

It's the little things that make the journey so wonderful :)

Saturday was just an overall amazing day! I'll get back to the title in a second, but I beat my time this morning at the 300 yard run that I set Wednesday night. It was 4 seconds but it still felt good to be improving! What made my day the most was my red dress. Yes, it's sometimes the smallest, simplest things in life that make you most happy. There was a red dress I tried on months ago, and I couldn't zip it up, I was so sad that it didn't fit and pushed it to the back of my closet vowing at some point fitting into it. Well today, right now actually, I am wearing that dress and it fits PERFECT.

 It's a 4P too, and I feel so overjoyed at this little moment. I can't wait to wear it on air tonight, something I've been wanting to do for months. This just goes to show we really need to enjoy the little things along the journey to finding your fit...because it helps keep us on track for the main goal and also makes the process so much more worth it. I'm a month in and can already wear a dress that I had no idea would come out of my closet this soon. There's a few more dresses to try on back there...I can't wait to see if I get the same results :)

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