Thursday, September 20, 2012

Detox: Final Day and Feeling Proud!

Okay, even though I'm fist pumping that I can add things like peanut butter, chicken, and seafood back into my diet, I really am proud of myself for getting through the entire detox process without cheating. 

 Another Option to Fill Your Lettuce Tacos:
Chop up and mix together in a bowl with lemon juice and seasonings to taste:
4 Sweet Mini Bell Peppers
2 cups Mushrooms
1 tomato 
Bake in oven on 400 for about 20, then serve on lettuce bed.  It's pretty bland at first if you don't add the right seasoning so get creative!  Maybe a mustard??

From drinks being offered for free to some of my favorite unhealthy meals surrounding me to the caffeine  withdrawals many mornings, I do have to say I'm thankful...because I feel SO much healthier!  My body just feels good, yes maybe a little bloated when I eat some of those fiber filled veggies, lol.  But I definitely am patting myself on the back for the willpower to say no to things not part of the detox, even though it would have been sooooo easy to cheat!  I learned several things this week. 

1. Fruits and veggies aren't really all that bad when you mix them up and pair them with little things like a dash of seasoning here and there.
2. Cooking and creativity makes any evening in the kitchen exciting.  Throw in some dancing and favorite tunes, and you have a Cooker's Delight :)
3. I am addicted to caffeine lol but I broke the habit for a week
4. You do NOT eat a plantain raw. 
5. Water actually is pretty good, and throw in some lemons, limes, or cucumbers and it feels like a refreshing treat
6. Putting together a healthy meal takes TIME.  Unless it's raw veggies, the prep time to bake, steam, boil veggies as well as chop them up can be tedious.  But in return, I've learned to become even better at time management, and as a result I'm eating much healthier.
7. Cooking extras for the next day the night before is a must.  It saves you time.  Actually deciding what you're having too makes it easier to just throw everything in a bag and go.
8. I am never, even baking brussel sprouts again. Steaming or boiling them is the only way to go!
9. Regularity is a bonus haha
10. Blogging is kind of fun, and if it inspires people it's even more satisfying.

Busy busy day tomorrow, however my meals are all packed up and ready to go so all I need to do in the AM is the supplements, breakfast, and bag it all up.  Oh, and did I mention I go to Rapid Results Power Food List tomorrow?/  You bet I'm having boneless chicken and my classic recipe of nonfat greek yogurt and a tablespoon of fresh peanut butter :)



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