Saturday, September 22, 2012

Detox is over...and so is week 1!!

Detox is over, hurray! I can't tell you how excited I was this morning to have some non-fat yogurt and peanut butter, or baked chicken at lunch, or sea scallops at dinner. 

Taking my homemade salsa and combining it with mushrooms and oh yes, finally, chicken!!!

I noticed something different though:  the taste of the food all around was SO much more flavorful!

 Trying to keep the doctor away :)
Really didn't need to add as many seasonings and what not.  A friend of mine came into town so we went out to dinner, I was very proud of myself for ordering my meal without the butter, broiled, water with lemon, and then took half of it home so I ate the right portion. 

 Barnacle Bills Seafood (one of the best seafood places locally by the way!!)

And the good thing was I actually felt full!  Going out afterwards was still tough, not having a drink with my friends and having only water with lemon.  The part that really got me when how some people would react to me not drinking or wanting to head home early to rest well for training tomorrow.  Some people would be all pushy for me to stay out and drink, while people who are actually my friends understood.  There were a few that were like "Awwww come on, just one more hour" or "That's lame"  .... and I say to that obviously you are not my friend because by doing that, you are not supporting me and the choices I make!  If I'm going to make a lifestyle change I'm going to change the people around me too for the better.  I only need friends who support my choices and are there to root me on, as I'd do the same for them.  Okay, bed now, up super early.

Sweet Dreams!

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