Saturday, September 22, 2012

And the workouts begin...

Talk about one of my busiest days yet! 6 hours of sleep was not enough, but my power breakfast was of egg whites and a TLS shake before Bayside Challenge. It's a group fitness workout by Sarasota Bay that is half TRX and half circuit training.

It was pretty intense for me after not working out the last week. But I was able to keep up and complete it. At the end on the last exercise I almost got sick from not drinking enough water, but I pushed myself to the finish line. I met 2 other women taking the Find Your Fit Challenge and we bonded. My goal is in my quest for success to help inspire other women who want to get fit also, so what better than other women who are on the same guidelines as me? I even took a shot at their weekly challenge which I fell during, and didn't place, but you know what, you need to fall and lose some battles in order to win the entire thing!

Ate pretty well today, but it's amazing how nice it is to be able to have some of my favorite foods back into my lifestyle. I got a little crabby today when I was on the go and tried to stop at a health foods store, Whole Foods, for dinner and they were closed. So I got creative and healthy at Publix, choosing a few things off my list and making a delisch dish!

Salmon Salad on the Go!

 For those on a budget AND craving some salmon AND with things on the okay list on the TLS Rapid Results plan.
Buy a small salad with veggies only from somewhere like Publix, then add 1/4 cup of fat free feta and 4oz packet of Bumblebee Salmon in the Pouch (in the water only).  Drizzle balasamic vinegar on top for a yummy salad around $5!  I bet you could use lemon juice too as a dressing.  When you eat it with chopsticks too, it slows down how much you consume at a time, letting you feel full faster...

Now I'm sleepy and trying to get through the last news segment (we went on late because of football!) But overall felt great, and accomplished today!

Later Gators :)

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