Sunday, September 16, 2012

Detox Day 3: Feeling a little better about veggies :)


Yes I am up extremely late because I did the 11pm news, then had to come home and prepare my food for work tomorrow.  This will be the night I don't get the sleep I need simply because I have to be at work at 9am! 

Things not as tough ... NO caffeine withdrawl so cheers to that!  Ate very healthy today, from fruit in the morning to lots of veggies snacks throughout the day, took the taco wrap idea and today added yellow squash and mushrooms to the middle with the tomato mixture I made.

Used half of that mixture and the other half was my salad dressing for dinner

Pretty simple....mixed greens, tomato mixture, leftover mushrooms and squash from lunch

The hardest part of today for me was going into Publix and getting more fresh veggies.  I passed by my normal stop, the wrap place, and stared longingly for my favorite...turkey, cheese, veggies, oh yum!  Then I passed the sweet aroma of the bakery, turning my head toward the organic section.  It was tough leaving there with only veggies but I managed.  And for cheap....under $20 for LOTS of fun veggies to get creative with.

 Speaking of creative, my coach Tamara told me about making fresh salsa to add to things.  So this will be part of my lunch tomorrow....tasted it....just to make sure it was good ;) and it passed the test!

I'm pooped from being up early, to 2 shows at work, so off to catch the most sleep I can out of this situation.  Here's to a great start to the workweek...and the "Hump Day" of Detox :)


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