Monday, September 17, 2012

Meet The Team Behind Me!!

Here's a look at the AMAZING team I have sponsoring me for the competition!!!


Tamara Nazworth
Spring 2012 "Find Your Fit Challenge" Winner 
 The leader…the coach… the brains of the operation…and last but not least, a TLS Find Your Fit Spring 2012 Challenge winner… Tamara Nazworth brings knowledge and determination to the table as the leader of the Gar-following Team utilizing the TLS system. As a winner, Tamara has a passion to help others achieve their goals and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Kristi Schalch-Gutierrez
Certified Fitness Trainer 
 When it comes to getting fit, this girl knows her stuff!  Kristi Schalch-Gutierrez graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  Following her passion for Sports, Fitness Training, and Motivating others to become and to continue their journey to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Kristi completed her Personal Training Certification through IFPA and also became certified in Ignite Performance Training (formerly known as Combine360) and TRX.  Training has always been apart of her life as a young athlete and even more so as an Adult Athlete. She knows how important it is to train the body correctly so that your body can perform at its’ best when the best is needed to accomplish and meet certain goals! Helping others to live a happy and healthy lifestyle and sharing experiences and lessons learned along the way to help others reach their fitness and sports goals are all the reasons why Kristi became a Personal Trainer and motivator.  

Tim Schalch
ABC 7 insider and marketing Consultant Tim Schalch joined Team Garofalo for the Find Your Fit Challenge. Tim is also a former minor league baseball player and now personal trainer as he will help in the transformation of ABC 7 Meteorologist Meredith Garofalo. “Meredith is very active in the community. This challenge will not only help in her healthy lifestyle, but hopefully motivate inspire others in the community to do the same.” Tim will assist in the personal training with Kristi Schalch-Gutierrez as well as marketing to spread the word of Team Garofalo.

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