Saturday, September 15, 2012

On Day 2 of detox...and already inspiring someone to challenge himself to get fit!  That's my goal with this in addition to helping myself, SO happy Mike!  I'm here for encouragement too :)
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Mike Cox
Hi Meredith! You're inspiring me with all the health stuff you're doing. After today (9 straight hours of work with no breaks) I plan on getting serious about losing weight. Way too many extra pounds on me.


  1. Well, I'm not up to the strict regimen you have set forth, but you have inspired me to get serious about better eating habits and exercise. Small steps for this woman, but I took a brisk walk this morning of over 2 miles, and have documented everything I ate today, and made much healthier choices on those foods. Maybe I can shake some muffin top!

  2. SO happy to hear that Vera!! You can DO IT!!! Its at your own pace, but as long as you set goals and stick to them, you can shape your body and get fit HOWEVER works for you!! Keep me updated :)