Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Changing my food portions....very hard!

I'm Sicilian, and I was raised on eating as much as I wanted until I was full.  I'm still used to making those big portions so that's something I'm struggling with right now.  So after some advice from Coach Tamara, I tried today to really focus on portion size and meal choices to make sure I'm getting what I need each day.

Breakfast is not hard at all to put together.  Usually that involves a TLS Chocolate protein shake mixed with a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Then usually a 1/2 cup of nonfat greek yogurt...but I'm wondering if that's a protein overload so maybe I'll save that for my snack.  Then I can have the yogurt and a low GI veggie.  Tamara suggested eating the majority of my veggies in the morning and afternoon to make sure I get them all in and stay full during the day.

I've found veggies that I haven't enjoyed in a while....so today, I took it upon myself to boil some corn on the cob.

Let's just say I felt like a happy kid at a BBQ today :)

Then since I had some free time was able to boil some more tasty veggies and bake a 2.5 oz. salmon filet in the oven with some portobello mushrooms. 

It was quite good, and notice the change in portion size....

Here are some tips I came up with to make sure I'm eating the right portions:
-Use my smaller serving plate, then I'm filling it less with food which cuts back on portions
-2-3oz of protein a meal is good (thanks Coach Ryan!) so I took a 7 oz. salmon filet and immediately after it was done baking, cut it into 3 and saved the other 2 for a later meal.  Then it's not on my plate tempting me to eat more.
-Use a thinner fork.  It actually made me eat smaller bites and slower, which in return let me feel full faster.  I think I was amazing most that just that small portion of fish was just enough to be satisfying.

Pretty proud of myself and thankful for good friends! Had Girls Night In tonight at a friends, and she totally supports me.

We made a healthy dinner in small portions...a yummy seasoned chicken breast, sweet potato with cinnamon, and fresh salad.

Drank glass after glass of water with a cucumber in it...

Instead of our traditional wine, we made fruit shakes with almond milk, kiwi, peanut butter, and a banana. I feel so great tonight and not hungry before bed!

I hope this helps you!  Anyone have any other good suggestions to make sure portion sizes are small and the right amount?? 


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