Monday, September 17, 2012

Detox Day 4: Refreshed...and Tired

I'm getting through detox week okay so far, today I woke up and I felt amazing!  Unfortunately working the evening shift and having to be back early the next day I only slept 6 hours, but I felt very good this morning while I got ready for work.  Made some awesome meals the night before, I think my fresh chopped salsa was a favorite part! 

Then I boiled some and dancing makes it not a chore at all!!

But right after my 5:30pm hit in the show, I grew extremely tired.  So I came home for the night, put on my PJs, a good movie and some shows, and am relaxing.  I realized something tonight....I really enjoyed the veggies in my dinner, I felt full and satisfied, and it was kind of relaxing chopping up veggies and creating new veggies.  I think one of my favorite parts with detox is creatively arranging my veggies for dinner.

I created a really cute looking plate for dinner, and had fun doing it :)

Got me thinking and distracted from craving things like pizza and fast food.  One more cup of water and then getting to bed at a decent hour so I can be at my 10am meeting.  I'm off though....woo hoo!!  Untili tomorrow, you stay classy Sarasota ;)


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